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About us

Taizhou Liansheng Plastic Film Co.,Ltd. Enterprise producing big sheds of functionality film , agricultural film , the mulch film specialized production, have the first-rate production facility , technology strength tremendous , produce scale big, 10000 tons of product great variety of goods , reliable , annual efficiency of mass.

With our country agricultural restructuring, new model distribution of agriculture starting is put into effect , the popular company of couplet "obeys continuous self-renewal , is favor morals being loaded with the thing " enterprise motto, the product advancing with time , opening up the beneficial result being innovative , will be that the high-effect agriculture develops high technology , high-grade , height offers the consumer as a tribute to. By that province level an expert's statement reaches in the homeland advanced level, Zhejiang Province scientific and technological enterprise , Tai Zhou City enterprises applying high and new technology, the Tai Zhou City new and hi-tech product and, gains city scientific and technological progress award in glory. "The popular couplet plate " product is welcomed for many years for the agriculture , rural area , peasant first class of service depths accept the extensive consumer.

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